PSI offers our EcoHPBE and Advanced Panelized Wall Systems in custom configurations that enable our clients to achieve rapid construction timelines without sacrifcing the neccesity of a climate controlled indoor agriculture environment.

The Magenesium Oxide (MgO) panels used in our EcoHPBE are non-toxic, energy efficient, and durable enough to withstand mold, fire, water, humidity, and pests infestation making them perfect for all indoor agriculture applications.


Front End Engineering Design

The first step in building a Cultivation facility is receiving a Development Permit (DP) from the city, town, or municipality. PSI will collaborate with you, lead the DP application submission and navigate required permitting to ensure we are set up for success.

The FEED will cover critical components related to the conceptual design including the development of the Preliminary Drawing Package which identifies key architectural, mechanical, electrical, and structural considerations which are required for review in the DP application package.

We'll also coordinate supporting activies such as civil engineering to ensure the viability of your future development.

Rough Draft Design

Detailed Design

Once the DP is submitted, we'll move into the Detailed Design phase of the project where we unite all professional services under one roof to work collaboratively with your Master Grower and Operations team to design a fit for purporse facility. Once compeltely designed PSI will deliver the Issued for Construction (IFC) drawing package.

The Issued for Contruction drawing package will cover all architechtural, mechanical, electrical, and structural requirements for tendering the project and provide the core content for recieving your Building Permit.


Construction Management

Once the Detailed Design is complete, PSI will tender and procure all required construction materials and services to ensure you're company is best protected contractually while managing all trades to keep your project on schedule and on budget.

You focus on building your business, while PSI builds your facility.


Let's Discuss Next Steps

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