EcoHPBE Overview

PSI EcoHPBE Indoor Cultivation Facilities provide the controlled, and durable, growing environment essential to delivering a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Our experienced design consultants provide key design input through the entire build process, and can help navigate the development and building permitting for your facility.

We will also engineer the key cost drivers of indoor agriculture - HVAC, water and mold mitigation, and pest control - to provide an optimized ecosystem for your crop, while our EcoHPBE delivers a durable and energy efficient growing environment

PSI EcoHPBE ensures high-quality facilities that meet Health Canada regulations and exceptional operational performance to meet your cultivation goals.


What makes PSI Eco HPBE so durable?

Magenisum Oxide (MgO) Board is fiber reinforced and produced with composite materials of pure Magnesium Sulphate, expanded Perlite, other agents and strong alkali free glass fiber mesh. It is 100% Silica free. The board appears in its natural off white color as standard and has a hard and durable surface.

According ASTM D3273 resistance to growth of Mold, the PSI EcoHPBE Sheathing achieved a rating of 10 on a scale of 0 – 10 where 10 is the best possible result. Thus concluding the PH value makes our EcoHPBE very resistant to attack by Termites, and Mold.

1/2″ Sheathing passed the ASTM E119 1-hour load bearing fire resistance rating on 2″x4″ wood studs at 100% design load, determined in accordance with the NDS.

PSI EcoHPBE exterior sheathing has limited moisture absorption from air humidity, compared to normal MgO boards, as our product does not contain chloride, resulting in moisture absorption and more importantly NO corrosion of fasteners, aluminium windows, etc.

The board can absorb and release moisture an unlimited number of times, without changes in the board strength properties and the board has less than 0.15% moisture movement according ASTM D1037. The board is vapor permeable.

Exterior Sheathing, SIPs, Modular Construction. For commercial and residential construction, it is a single material replacement for walls requiring racking shear, fire rating and weather barrier. At only 1/2″ it affords more interior square footage space by eliminating material layers. PSI EcoHPBE does not rot, warp, expand or contract, is eco-friendly,non-toxic and VOC free.

Comparative Properties
Panel Segment

PSI Eco HPBE Panel Overview

PSI has optimized its proprietary Structured Insulated Panel (SIP) construction materials and design build construction methodology to deliver cost effective, energy efficient, and fit for purpose buildings.

Our Advanced Panelized Wall Systems combine:

- Magenisum Oxide (MgO) Sheathing
- EPS Foam Insulation
- Recessed Interconnects
- Integrated LVL Studs
- Custom Design Options

This combination delivers High R-Values, outstanding durability, and provides significant reduction in traditional construction costs related to materials and labour.


PSI Eco HPBE 12'x50' modular units being assembled: